A Waste Awareness Installation

-Take a trip to your average
-dumpster, residential trash room or curbside trashcan and what are you likely to see? more

A staggering array of gently used items like clothing, furniture, appliances, electronics and house wares — all ready to make their way to the local landfill. What a waste!

Throwing things away wastes raw material, energy and money — all of which are needed to make the stuff from scratch.

Plus throwing things away also hurts our environment by clogging land fills with non- biodegradable material and releasing hazardous toxins into ecosystem.



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Did You Know?

Only about 2% of personal computers ever find their way to a second user. 85% end up in landfills.

Did You Know?

Americans throw away more than 68 pounds of clothing per person each year. Less than 2% is truly worn out.

Stop by Trash Tree on Saturday, April 9, and take home a trash rescue of your choice!